My passion is leading Engineers, innovating for customers, and driving new business growth.

What I do

  • Create visions, strategies, and products that change the world.
  • Disrupt incumbents with game-changing innovation.
  • Coach incumbents to disrupt themselves before someone else does.
  • Teach teams how to succeed at innovation in a repeatable way.
  • Forge great engineering teams and make them unstoppable.
  • Make customers hug me and say, “That’s awesome!”
  • Create shareholder delight and watch stock prices soar.
If you love this stuff as much as I do, keep reading.


I have countless stories to tell. Here is a brief summary.


Ideas are great, but innovation is about turning ideas into products. I led an innovation "Discovery" team from concept to scale. I led the effort to scale the technology, the organization, and the business. We started the year with zero customers and zero revenue and ended the year with our first 30,000 customers and a profitible new business. More importantly, we've positioned on all fronts to scale exponentially faster this year as we move the offering into our flagship portfolio.


I led one of three Discovery Teams at Intuit. Each team was focused on one aspect of our vision and was tasked with delivering new growth for Intuit on a 3 to 5 year horizon. We launched dozens of experiments, tested with tens of thousands of customers, and created multiple new projects that are staged to be the next generation of growth for Intuit. I also led the Discovery Engineering team, composed of the most innovative Engineers at Intuit.
CEO Award Winner


I was selected for a twelve person-team formed to craft the new Vision and Strategy for TurboTax. The vision was rolled out to over 1,800 employees and has been the cornerstone for every team and every project in TurboTax.
Promotion to Group Development Manager


I led multiple technology refresh teams in the TurboTax group. We completely changed the way we create our tax content. These artifacts are the very heart of TurboTax, and the heart of our business. We reduced employee ramp-up time from twelve months to one week, and drastically reduced the total time spent on run-the-business tasks. The time savings allowed our employees to spend less time maintaining content and more time delivering real value.


I led the engineering effort on Intuit's Consumer Money Card program, a Prepaid Debit Card platform. Our revenue growth in the first two years was higher than any project in Intuit's history. My team and I integrated with third parties to create a system that allows Intuit products, including TurboTax and QuickBooks, to issue Prepaid Debit Cards to their users. We built a scalable platform in Java, a web based client, and native iOS and Android clients. We also created an ecosystem at Intuit where any team can leverage our services to build their own prepaid program.
Promotion to Senior Development Manager


I joined the Intuit New Business Initiatives team to find adjacent businesses to TurboTax. I was focused on experimenting in the prepaid debit card space, managing results from a partnership with Wal-Mart, and testing new ideas with low-income and unbanked customers.


I led part of our massive Windows TurboTax technology refresh. This project modernized the Windows platform that was responsible for roughly half of TurboTax's revenue. We took a multi-year approach to move the Windows TurboTax application from MFC to .NET. My responsibility was to completely re-write the "Forms Mode" that rendered 12,000 pages of legacy content. I created patterns for other Engineers to use, and contributed heavily to the architecture of the project.
Promotion to Staff Software Engineer (from Senior Software Engineer)
I moved from CompassLearning to Intuit. At CompassLearning, I focused on two opposite sides of the stack: I created custom SQL database migration scripts for a large application refresh, and I worked on the ASP.Net user interface for K-12 Students and Teachers in an educational environment.


I like to build things. Here are some examples.

evMote is the first web application that lets you view, control, and automate your Tesla. Track every trip you take, share your live location, get reminded when you forget to plug in your car, integrate with IFTTT tasks, and more.
Amplify has over a quarter of a million installs and a 4.3 star rating. Amplify is a root application that saves battery life by putting the user in control of how often applications can wake up the device when it's idle.
Cinch won the Grand Prize in the Google Fit Developer Challenge. Cinch is a health and fitness application that tracks your progress against goals, and motivates you to reach them.
Voxie is a way for parents and grandparents to stay in touch with their children, even from far away. Kids can send and receive voice messages over the internet using a simple interface packaged as a stuffed animal.


I've been writing software for twenty years. Here are some things I've learned.

Engineering Team Leadership
I focus on hiring the best talent, getting teams passionate about the goal, and providing guidance and feedback as we make our way toward the goal. I lead teams in every phase of a product's lifecycle. Ruthless focus if the team is in startup mode and flawless execution when the team is scaled. In every situation, I provide measurable velocity and transparent results for senior leadership.
Innovation Practices
Innovation is all about creating positive change to: disrupt the competition, avoid being disrupted, work more efficiently, drive new growth in your core products, or invent a new category. I use repeatable frameworks, adopted and invented, to successfully lead change for products, teams, and organizations.
Design Thinking
Design Thinking is a new way to approach problems. We're able to create things our customers love more rapidly and with better success rates by moving from a customer-first model to a customer-centric model. We're able to create durable businesses by finding competitive advantages that are proven to stick. We're able to separate what customers tell us from what they actually do. We're able to win against companies that don't practice these techniques.
Product Management
Customer research, guerilla ethanography, product strategy, agile team management, analysis, monetization, scale, and growth. I've driven teams through each part of the process and have a consistent record of launching products to market successfully.
Software Engineering
I've been writing software for twenty years. I'm a full-stack developer and I've written everything from Bluetooth stacks in C on embedded firmware, to Bitcoin integrations in node.js on AWS. I've architected systems that scaled to millions of users, and created platforms for rapid user testing. I'm an Engineer at heart and I've found it makes me a much more effective Engineering leader.
I'm a geek. I tinker. I mine bitcoins and I hack the telematics software in my car. I root my phones and read source code. Star Wars episode V was the best, but FireFly was better. Han shot first, and xkcd is my favorite webcomic. The cake is a lie, and the princess is in another castle.


I especially love traveling places where I'm outside of my comfort zone.


Things I do to create space for my mind to wander.


Working out

It strengthens the body and heals the mind


Riding bikes

Everything looks better from inside a helmet


Taking photos

Capturing moments in time


Cooking food

I'm not saying it tastes good, but I try


Tech Geek

I'm a sucker for gadgets


Video games

Creating space in my mind so creativity can follow


Flying planes

Ever since I saw Top Gun as a kid, I wanted to fly


Keep running

I found myself around mile eleven


Hiking trails

Looking down from mountain tops


Playing guitar

It sounds better to me than it does to you


World travel

Finding out how big the world really is

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